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  • Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data





Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

The School Psychology program employs a comprehensive student selection process. A variety of factors affect admissions decisions, including 1) achievement in college courses, including overall GPA and grades within specific courses, and performance on standardized tests, including the GRE; and 2) demonstrated interest and experience in research, as indicated through letters of reference, experience in research labs, and research presentations. In addition, the faculty carefully consider the “match” between applicants and the School Psychology Program’s goals and mission; we are interested in recruiting graduate students who will fit with and benefit from our collaborative and supportive academic community. Equally important is the “match” between applicants and the research interests of the faculty. Admission decisions are made by the program faculty through consensus; individual faculty do not make admissions decisions. We consider the match between applicants and faculty research an important factor in the decision making process. We employ a flexible mentorship model, in which applicants specifically apply to work with one or more selected faculty members whose research programs match their own interests. This model is advantageous because not every faculty member recruits new students into his/her research program each year.  In addition, graduate students occasionally shift advisors during the course of their training; sharing research interests with more than one faculty members ensures that this sort of transition is possible.

All submitted applications are reviewed by all School and Developmental Psychology faculty. Applicants under serious consideration by the faculty are invited to Tulane for an interview, typically in mid- to late-January. Interviews last one day and include interviews with School and Developmental Psychology faculty, individual and group discussions with current graduate students, and an opportunity to visit the Tulane campus and the city of New Orleans. Telephone interviews can be arranged in exceptional circumstances. Subsequently, the School and Developmental faculty decide as a group which applicants will be invited into the program. Offers of admission are recommended to the Tulane University School of Science and Engineering, which makes the formal offers of admission.