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  • Trauma Specialization



Trauma Specialization

During their first year in the program, students can apply to complete the trauma specialization. With an increased focus on school safety and an increased awareness of trauma exposure among youth, the need for trauma-focused training within the field of school psychology has emerged as critically important. Doctoral students completing this specialized training will be prepared to deliver comprehensive school mental health services with the goals of preventing trauma and treating youth exposed to trauma. Doctoral students will also emerge with the skill set to train practitioners how to create and deliver these services in public charter schools, which are becoming a centerpiece of educational reform across the country.

Elements of the specialized training include: 

  • Specialized Coursework

Stress and Trauma

Crisis Intervention

College Teaching Pedagogy & Practicum

One additional methodology/statistics course beyond current requirements


  • Specialized Training in Evidence-Based Interventions

NASP PREPaRE Model for Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Trauma in Schools

Grief and Trauma Intervention

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy


  • Specialized Practicum

Two years of practicum with community agencies providing comprehensive trauma-focused school mental health services in New Orleans public schools.  Doctoral students will also team-teach a course to develop teaching skills.


  • Mentoring around Trauma-Related Activities


Doctoral students participate in monthly meetings with faculty and students involved in the specialized training where they have the opportunity to seek mentoring on issues related to practicum, research, teaching, and self-care.